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Save considerably on your health insurance premium with our 10 tips.

How to save?

Firstly, the simple reality is that the benefits covered by basic health insurance are the same for all health insurers in Switzerland. This is regulated by federal law (LAMal/KVG). However, the difference between the premiums offered by the various health insurers is striking. To avoid paying too high a premium for your health insurance, we have listed some of the most relevant hints and tips.

All of our tips for saving on your health insurance are provided free of charge in partnership with By putting our advice into practice you can save thousands of francs for yourself and your family! Take advantage of our completely impartial information and free comparison tools to make an informed choice.

Why pay more for the same benefits? Compare all health insurers. A change could turn out to be the best choice for you!

Comparison of health insurance premiums
The higher your excess, the less you will pay for your premium. But be careful! Analyze your healthcare expenses and assess your needs before you decide on an excess.
Being aware of your needs will help you to find the cover that best suits you. You could save money by choosing an alternative insurance model, such as: bonus, HMO, healthcare network, family physician, TelMed.
In principle, your employer should cover you against the risk of accidents. You can save money by excluding accident cover from your medical insurance contract by submitting proof of this to your insurer.
Are you on a low income? A reduction in your healthcare premium would surely benefit your budget. Too many policy-holders who are eligible for subsidies do not apply to the government. Do not make the same mistake. Check if you are entitled to a subsidy from your local canton.
When changing your basic insurance you are not obliged to change your complementary insurance. By separating them you may even be able to make savings! Be sure to evaluate whether you really need complementary insurance, or if the costs would outweigh the benefits.
If you are employed, you can save money by suspending your insurance when you are called up for military service. When your service is over simply send the certificate to your medical insurer.
Most insurers offer a discount if you pay the annual premium in advance. You may also be eligible for a discount if you make your payment in up to 3 installments. Check with your health insurance company for more information!

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What if you appreciate the quality of the benefits offered by your current provider, but you are looking for a cheaper solution? Check if switching to a different insurer within the same insurance group could save you money.
You can often benefit from a discount when you insure the whole family with the same medical provider. However, the family comparison tool may show that you could save even more by insuring each member individually!

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Changing provider

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Directory of health insurers

Directory of health insurers

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