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Do you want comprehensive and useful information to help you make an informed decision regarding your health insurance? Do you want to ensure that your current health insurance offers you the best premium? Are you thinking about changing your health insurance and would like to find information to help evaluate your options? Take advantage of the free advice and tools available on our website!

The purpose of is to gather all of the information regarding the world of health insurance on a single platform, which internet users can use for free. From home or anywhere with Internet access, with a few simple clicks you can find all of the information, tools and documents you need to evaluate and optimize your health insurance without any external influence.

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To ensure that the greatest number of policy-holders can use our services, all of the tools and information published on are free. However, is not acting as an insurance broker. As an intermediary between you (the insured) and the providers, we work with technical solutions developed in partnership with, such as comparisons tools with an integrated quote request module. The provision of advertising space enables us to guarantee a free platform.
All of our experience and expertise go into developing our platform in order to allow the policy-holders to better understand the world of insurance. In making our tools available, we want to provide our users with an effective way to find health insurance that fits their needs and their budget perfectly. Our advice and tips can help you to make the right choice for you and your family.
The information presented on is completely neutral. Using our tools, you can compare all of the health insurance companies authorized to practice within Switzerland. Premiums are quickly calculated for all health insurers in accordance with the parameters you enter in our comparison tool. The result page clearly indicates the state of your current premium and whether a change of insurer is right for you. You can confidently make an informed decision, allowing you to save money on your insurance.
In partnership with we are able to offer you free, impartial and efficient comparisons, allowing you to quickly establish if your current health insurance offers the best rates, or if you could make savings for yourself and your family by changing your provider. Using our comparison tools, you can establish a reliable basis for your decision, because the results are calculated according to the criteria that you select!

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