Health insurance 2024: how to change your health insurance?

Find out how to easily change health insurance companies in just 4 steps! Optimise your health insurance.

Change health insurance points you in the direction of useful information relating to the world of health insurance, giving you free access not only to effective and impartial comparison tools for individuals and families, but also to advice and tips on how to save. You will also find easy steps to follow to ensure a smooth transition between providers, as well as documents available for download from its sister site

Simple steps to follow to change your health insurer:

Use our comparison tool to discover the premiums offered by the various health insurance providers. The results page instantly shows you whether your current health insurer offers the best premium, or whether you would benefit from a change.

Compare your premiums immediately, it's fast and free!
Making the best choice for your insurance requires you to know all of the ways you can save money without compromising your health: which basic insurance model is best for you? Do you really need complementary insurance? What medical expenses do you have? guides you toward the most economical solution suited to your needs.
In accordance with your search criteria, the comparison tool quickly calculates all of the premiums matching your desired result, and clearly indicates whether your current health insurance offers the best premium, or whether a change of insurance would allows you to save money. If this is the case, why continue to pay more? Simply request a free no obligation quote from the insurer of your choice using the integrated quotation plugin.
To ensure a smooth transition to your new provider, check that the conditions of termination for your old contract are fulfilled: Are you up to date with your payments? Have you met the payment deadlines? Has your new insurer confirmed your subscription and provided you with a proof of insurance certificate? Find even more information and download the sample termination letter free of charge.

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Tips for saving

Save money on your health insurance premiums

Follow our advice for saving money on your health insurance premiums. In just a few clicks you can find the health insurer best suited to you!

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Directory of health insurers

Directory of health insurers

Contact details and information for all health insurers in Switzerland. Easily obtain the phone number and address of the head office, number of clients, etc.

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